Lose The Fat, Increase The Muscles – Five Simple Tips

It may just be that you bought an eBook of diet solution with promises on weight loss and muscle building but you are getting frustrated. You have been feeling weak, your mind is slow on the uptake, you are definitely losing the weight, but you are seeing muscles go with the fat. Your program may be the one at fault here, so here are some healthier ways to lose the fat loss and gain the muscles .

Is The Food You Are Eating Healthy?

First, find out if what you are eating is actually good for you.

Remove the bad stuff first, including and most especially the caffeine, the alcohol and nicotine. The presence of those three are the major blunders of the modern world for without them the body will find it easier to burn off the fat. These are the three major culprits that can increase your cravings for even worse foods like appetizers and salty foods.

Eat More Proteins

Second step – avoid the processed deli meats, go fresher with fruits and vegetables and eat more protein rich foods from other sources like soy, do not eat or drink those high sugar content deserts and colas. The proteins are needed by your body to build up the muscles, the processed meats will only turn to enemies inside the body so might as well kill them off before they overwhelm you, and then the sugars will only turn to fat and become deposits which are hard to get rid of. The fresh vegetables and raw fruits have the fiber and the amino acids that cleanse your body from deep within and destroy the toxins in your system. If you allow them to enter the body, your body will get rejuvenated and this will make it easier to increase on the muscle mass. Isabel De Los Rios Diet program is one of the famous diet program which you can go for the effective results.

Increase your water intake

Third step – you have to make sure that your intake of water is also increased. Because you are taking in more proteins, fiber and amino acids, your body will start demanding more water in order to hydrate itself. The body builders always take a lot of water before they display their bodies for the muscles need water in order to look massive and healthy.

Include exercise into your program

Fourth step – make sure that you include exercise into your program. Avoid the old adage of working out for hours on end, that is bad for the body. The best way to do this is to make short but really intense exercises. So include a full body workout with the free weight lifting. Do not go over one hour and for five days. The body should be given the time to recover from the stresses of the program.

Do not starve yourself

Fifth step – you need to eat. Do not starve yourself. If you starve your body will turn in on itself and will start to burn off the stocked up fat deposits and when it goes through those it will turn on your muscles so you lose the mass.