Exercise Takes Two!

It can be hard to maintain an exercise regimen when you have a hectic schedule. It’s also hard to stay motivated when you’re the only one exercising. One way to make your exercise regimen more interesting is to involve your significant other as your workout buddy. Certain exercises designed for more than one person can make staying fit more fun and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Life is hectic enough with work, school, kids and the daily wear and tear of a weekly routine. Often relationships can be put on the backburner because of other priorities. However, a great way to get more quality time with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is to do activities together, such as exercising.

Unfortunately, that can be easier said than done. After a long day at work or school, the last thing most couples want to do is make a trip to the gym. Often there isn’t enough time to fit in a good workout and if you have children, dealing with a sitter or sticking them in the gym’s daycare (if they have one) can be an extra hassle.

Make things easier on yourself by staying physically fit together in the comfort of your own home. How is that possible? First thing’s first: make time. Exercise workouts don’t have to be hours long. Even if you can only manage to fit in 30 minutes, if done on a daily basis or a few times a week, that can be all you need. To throw another factor into the mix, make your exercise routine fun by performing exercises designed for more than one person. This method of exercise makes things more fun and allows the two of you to become more hands on with your workout.

Try this exercise out as a fun way to add variety to your workout:

  • Both you and your partner should be sitting on the floor facing each other with your knees up and together (think of the way you would position yourself to do a sit-up).
  • Both of your toes should be touching but not overlapping. One of you should be holding a round ball no smaller than a tennis ball and no bigger than a basketball.
  • To begin, whoever has the ball should lie down with their arms to their chest, holding the ball, while the other person stays in the upright position.
  • As you do your sit-up with the ball in your hands, pass the ball off to your partner, who then lies down.
  • Remain sitting up until your partner has come back up and hands the ball back to you.
  • Each person should do a full sit-up (or crunch) 8-10 times and then rest.
  • Repeat as desired. Don’t have a ball to use? Follow these same steps but instead of passing a ball back and forth, share a quick kiss as you complete each sit-up. That may be all the motivation you and your partner need!

Ergonomics: What It Means For Your Job & Safety

Ergonomics is a concept that is now pretty much synonymous with working in office environments. Although working in a cubicle and sitting in front of a computer sound fairly harmless, you’d be surprised by the possibilities for injury that can be incurred without the proper accommodations. If you want to find out how you can keep yourself safe while working in the office, then you’ll want to know all about ergonomics.

Simply put, ergonomics is actually a scientific way of studying how humans interact with machines in the workplace. When a person is more comfortable in their work environment, they’ll be able to produce better quality work as well as avoid potential injury.

So how is it possible that sitting in front of a computer on a daily basis can lead to injury?

It helps to take into account the way the human body works and what happens when you subject it to hours of routine movements each day. When seated at your desk, your entire body is positioned a certain way. There is a right and a wrong way to sit at a desk. When you have good posture, your body is relieved of tension, especially in your joints like the wrist and elbow. Sitting up also helps your spine. Slouching or sitting incorrectly can put added tension on your joints and your spine and when repeated for a long period of time, you’ll eventually start to experience aching joints, soreness and stiffness. These types of discomforts make it more difficult for you to focus at work, resulting in poor performance.

In this case, ergonomics can be used to find a solution. If you are uncomfortable with the way you are sitting, your company can provide you with a chair that is specially designed to correct your posture and make it more comfortable for you to do your work.

Do you feel your wrists hurting while typing or do you suffer from conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome?

Ergonomics can solve that, too, by switching out your old keyboard with an ergonomic one that will correct the way you place your hands and position your wrists while typing.

The concept of ergonomics can even be applied without the need for actual office items. For example, sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end will undoubtedly put strain on your eyes or lead to headaches and dizziness. Instead of subjecting yourself to this uncomfortable working condition, follow the rule of ergonomics by making your workplace more comfortable for you by taking 10 minute breaks away from your computer screen to let your eyes rest. This is also an ideal time to get up and walk around the office for a bit to relieve any tension in your legs and arms. By ignoring your body, you are potentially putting yourself at risk for a strained back as well as achy joints, which can cause you more problems down the line.

Almost all workplaces practice ergonomics so if you want to know more information or feel that you need an ergonomic solution for your workspace, be sure to talk to your supervisor or manager. If your place of work does not practice ergonomic solutions, do yourself and your coworkers a favor by suggesting to your superiors that they take some time to install ergonomic solutions and information into your office.

Is Red Wine Really Good For You

Is Red Wine Really Good For You?

Many studies have confirmed that moderate consumption of wine significantly reduces mortality from cardiovascular diseases. Hippocrates knew for the beneficial effects of wine, who used it as an antiseptic, sedative, to improve the work of the digestive system and as part of daily diet.

Is red wine really good for you? We don’t know, but you can find out below.

The First Knowings About The Healing Properties Of Wine

The wine has a long and rich history of a thousand years. The first archaeological evidence of its existence comes 8000 years ago from Georgia and in Europe was first noted before 4500 years. Wine was often used and mentioned by ancient Greeks and Romans in religious and medicinal purposes, as well as in everyday social life. Its usage in medicine dates back to the time of Hippocrates, who used it as an antiseptic, sedative, to improve the work of the digestive system and as part of the everyday way of a healthy diet. French paradox for protective role of red wine while eating fatty and high calorie food comes from 1979, when the hypothesis for reduced occurrence of cardiovascular disease and mortality in France have took place, with continuous and moderate wine consumption. Four large studies conducted in countries with different populations, different lifestyles and habits (Denmark, California, Britain and France) once again confirmed the positive impact of moderate amounts of wine in reducing mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

Positive Impacts

In 1993 it’s proved that the existence of specific components in wine, polyphenols (resveratrol and procianidi) that act as antioxidants and inhibit oxidation of “bad” LDL cholesterol. A significant benefit is the already proven mechanism to constantly raise “good” HDL cholesterol in the blood as a result of increased synthesis in the liver. Wine reduces the percentage of myocardial infarction. There is a difference between French and German wine, where French wine has a better quality which leads to its greater production of nitric oxide (NO) due to the presence of polyphenols. They are important in reducing the process of atherosclerosis of the blood vessels.

Moderate Drinking

Wine in small quantities, as relaxant leads to lower blood pressure in the first few hours. In healthy population red wine raises blood pressure by 2-3 mm Hg. In people with high blood pressure, the influence of the wine raises blood pressure higher and thus need higher doses of treatment for high blood pressure. Wine acts inhibitory of carcinogenic mechanisms of the cell and reduces the risk of cancer.Daily consumption of red wine in moderation has a protective role in the body. It’s called J-shaped effect of red wine in moderation, as opposed to abstinence and alcohol abuse.

Allowed Quantities Of Wine

The permissible amount may vary depending on gender, age, genetic factors, weight, eating different foods and the use of drugs. The female body has a tendency for faster absorption of alcohol because it contains small amounts of water in the organism and lower levels of stomach enzymes. Therefore moderate amount of men and women of the same age and with the same weight is not equal. Recommendations for “moderate consumption” is 1-2 cups per day for women and 2-4 glasses per day for men. This recommendation does not justify drinking 12 glasses of wine per week in the afternoon. Consumption of red wine is recommended during the meal which reduces fat resorption, as well as lesser impact on blood pressure. Abuse of alcohol detrimental affect multiple organs and can lead to high blood pressure, blood disorders, liver damage, cancerous changes, infertility, brain damage, often dementia, psoriasis, stroke, muscle atrophy, and during pregnancy may cause mental retardation of the fetus. Alcohol for patients with certain rheumatic diseases is not recommended because of its effect in increasing uric acid in the blood. It’s interactive effect with certain medications such as nitroglycerin, anxiolytics, neuroleptics and contraceptives must be noted.

Red Or White Wine

Red wine has a more protective role of white wine and beer. However, so far has not been made many long-term studies that are reliably confirming or denying the benefits of red wine compared to other type of alcohol. The advantage of the consumer of wine is the better lifestyle by using the most easy and healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, fibrates), the lowest percentage of smokers and improve socio-economic conditions. In France was observed lower mortality rate to 50% in areas where the usage of red wine is more frequent compared with other parts of the country were white wine is more consumed. It is due to smaller amounts of resveratrol contained in white wine. Epidemiological findings from North America argue that there is no important difference between red and white wine, which can be explained by different nutrition in Europe and in America and a greater representation of food in terms of alcohol at meals in the US population.

Epidemiological studies have confirmed the benefits of consuming moderate amounts of red wine for the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular disease. Because of these facts, red wine should be given preference because it contains all the specific components (polyphenols) molecular mechanisms responsible for the anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and antilipemic effect.

fever blister

How To Prevent Fever Blister

Several people are asking yourself on what causes fever blisters on lips. They’re a bit curious of how they could treat the mentioned infection in order that they could ease the discomfort that they are suffering every single and every time they have this kind of painful blisters or sores. Sometimes, individuals are wanting to get everything that they could on being aware of all the crucial data and information about how this occur and what threatened it to take place.

These sorts of fever blisters on lips can not only take spot on this component but also on one’s throat and eyes and this may possibly truly in its worst case. To stay away from having this type of complication, superior pay a visit to your family members members physician and have the infection checked prior to undertaking any unnecessary self therapy.

Carrying out self medication may possibly properly worsen the case of the fever blister on lips, eyes or throat. Ask for the correct medication that you will have to be capable of heal the fever blister much more quickly and stopping oneself from any other additional infection that this sort of virus carrier could inflict into your body.

When the virus that carried in to the infection causing the blister to take place calms, the blister will eventually subside and go away. But this may possibly not assure the patient that the virus is gone for great. There are in fact some cases from which the fever blister on lips virus be with its host forever and could be triggered in the future by some type of a further stronger virus major to a distinct fever blister but now worst than the initial and challenging to treat.

To stay away from this type of infection, a individual require to keep a wonderful and correct hygiene for their physique. It will give them sufficient combat from any virus that could possibly come into their physique and inflict them with such kind of ailments inside the future. It really is usually advisable to generate a regular check up to your medical doctor whenever that you are feeling a thing inside your body. This could give you with adequate prevention from fever blisters on lips.

A single have to find out a lot more about the treatment options and causes of this type of infection to one’s physique. Consulting a doctor will assist an individual collect enough info about having the preventive measures that they could do. Be aware of what’s taking place for your physique and let your self have the outmost freedom of becoming healthy and no price from any infections and diseases.

Little blisters or sores formed on the lips are named fever blisters on lips and are also called cold sores. Everybody type youngsters to adults may possibly perhaps get infected with cold sores. Cold sores are also contagious since it is frequently spread on direct contact. Fever blisters on lips are triggered by a hugely contagious virus called herpes simplex virus variety 1.