Eyelash Perming: Do’s And Don’ts

I was curious about this trendy new treatment, so I watched an eyelash perming and have to say that the biggest don’t I can report is: Don’t try this at home! I’m sure many have successfully permed their own lashes, but seeing the care that goes into a professional service and the possibility of something going wrong – from half curled, half not lashes to perm solution put straight into your eye, I’m sticking with this being a professional treatment only.

Eyelash perming may seem like a very trivial treatment to some, but to those who have very straight lashes it’s a quick and fairly inexpensive way to conquer yet another beauty dislike. The treatment I saw took less than 10 minutes from start to finish and cost about $50. A small price to pay said the client who had spent more than he (that’s right, HE) wanted to recall on lush lashes. Because eyelash perming is permanent in the same way hair color is permanent and it doesn’t require a lash curler (embarrassing at the gym if you’re a guy) or cosmetics, it is quickly becoming an attractive option for men and women who want fuller lashes that look great from morning to night and during exercising or samba lessons. No amount of physical activity, sweating or swimming changes the curl of permed lashes.

Here’s a brief overview of how the treatment works. First a specialist cleans and dries your lashes and the skin around your eyes. Then an adhesive strip of cotton is placed right along the lower lash line so that when you close your eye, your upper lashes lay across the cotton. Then a glue is placed along the top lid behind the lashes. The perming rod is held in place there and the lashes are carefully brushed and curled against the rod which is also covered in adhesive.

Here’s where you can miss some lashes, clump them or pull them too tight and cause possible breakage. Again I say, pay for the service! Once the lashes are spread evenly against the rod, a diluted perm solution (yes, this is just like a hair perm!) is worked into the lashes.  A round, cotton pad is then placed over the entire eye to hold the solution against the lashes. You then wait the desired time and viola! You’ve got permed lashes. The results were much as you’d expect. His lashes were curled and stayed that way. You can also opt for a permanent tint to darken and thicken your lashes while you’re there.

The treatment was quick and painless according to the client who reminds his fellow men that girls will always comment when a guy has thick lashes. “They love that!” The ladies in the shop said that having curled lashes meant they didn’t have to do anything but wash their face on a Saturday morning or after a workout and they still looked like they had a little makeup on – enough to go to Starbucks at least.


Eyelash Curlers

Everyone oohs and ahhs about eyelashes and the consensus seems to be that men come out better on that score. So what’s a woman to do if nature short-changed her in the eyelash department?

Of course there is mascara to darken the color and thicken the lashes. However, many women use eyelash curlers to enhance nature’s framework.  Do eyelash curlers really work? Which kind is best? How do you use them? And, bottom line, what do they cost? Over the years eyelash curlers have made some vast improvements. While the traditional curler has maintained somewhat the same style, the materials used today are lighter weight.

Products now are made from plastic or steel and the hinge mechanisms move smoothly thus making the curlers easier to use. They are also more durable. The pads – some being silicon treated – are softer and more gentle on the lashes. But keep in mind, that the pads should be changed approximately every two months depending on how often you use the lash curler. A worn pad can damage the eyelashes. If the classic curler is difficult for you to use, you might consider using the wand style. Lightweight, compact and easily portable, these battery operated curling wands can be tossed into a purse or cosmetic bag for that instant refresher.

These handy little curlers will increase the curl without overheating and burning this delicate hair. While most of the curlers today boast being “pinch proof”, developing the technique of curling your lashes takes some practice. Don’t wait until you’re ready to go out to try it out. Experiment when you have some time, to really get a feel for using it. With the classic or traditional curler, it is recommended to apply the mascara last. With the heated lash curler, some brands recommend applying the mascara first. Read the directions that come with the curler before you practice.

To get that wide-eyed glamorous look simply place the curler at the base of your lashes. Remember to start with clean lashes! Gently grasp a section of lashes between the pads. Apply gentle pressure. Now open the curler and release the lashes. Remove the curler and move to the next section. Then apply mascara, if necessary. The cost? Lash curlers no longer pinch your lashes or your wallet. Good eyelash curlers range in price from ten to thirty-five dollars. Not bad for getting great-looking lashes.

Lights, Make-Up, Action?

Unless you’re a movie star or runway model, the headline reads just right. When was the last time you even gave a thought to your bathroom lighting? Most of us think of lighting as an afterthought.That’s the last thing you choose when you redo a room. And for those of us who are not renovating.