Does Exposed Acne Treatment Really Work

The Exposed Acne system is a unique product that combines the power of science and  nature to attack the 4 leading causes of acne,  and prevent it from coming back. Included in the Exposed Acne  package  are the facial cleanser, clearing tonic, and two acne treatment serums (for day and night). Exposed Acne System promises the acne free you in  just 30  days or less.

According to their web site, Exposed was created by a team  of dermatologists, cosmetologists, and naturopaths. Combining their  knowledge together, they’ve created a unique approach that not only  treats your existing acne, but also prevents it from coming back.

  • Facial Cleanser – This facial cleanser cleanses  and detoxifies your skin. It  kills acne causing bacteria, it removes  dead skin cells, and it also gets rid of  the excess oil in the face. Exposed Facial cleanser does all these without  drying the skin. The  main ingredients of the cleanser are salicylic acid  (unclogs pores,  mild exfoliant), sage extract (anti microbial and antioxidant),  and  Vitamin B5 (helps in the process of regulating hormones, reduces pore  size).
  • Clearing Tonic – The Exposed clearing tonic works  to restore the natural pH of the  skin. The tonic also contains  antioxidants that help protect the cells from  free radicals. Also, the  tonic gently exfoliates the skin to make way for new,  unblemished skin. The ingredients include sage extract, aloe vera (good  moisturizer),  salicylic acid, green tea extract (soothes inflammation, promotes  wound  healing), and passion fruit (good source of Vitamin A ).
  • Acne Treatment Serum (morning) – This Exposed  morning serum kills acne causing  bacteria while protecting the skin  from future break outs. The serum contains  micro-encapsulated benzoyl  peroxide (kills bacteria), azelaic acid (reduces  bacterial growth in  root follicles, especially Propionibacterium acne).
  • Clear Pores Serum (night) – The night time serum  is needed to help the skin  rejuvenate overnight. It also clears the  skin from whiteheads and blackheads  and it soothes the skin from the  inflammation – reducing redness and swelling.

Our Thoughts on Exposed Acne Treatment

With this acne treatment, you get a well-rounded approach that treats  the 4 leading causes of acne. We appreciate the fact that Exposed Skin Care includes many natural ingredients and antioxidants such as Tea Tree Oil,  Sage Extract, and Vitamin B5. By combining these natural substances  with other acne-fighting ingredients, you have a product that is  effective enough for severe forms of acne, but gentle enough for those  with sensitive skin.

The company promises “Clear Skin In Just 30 Days”,  which is a pretty bold claim to make. But in order to prove how well the Exposed acne system really works, the company is offering a full  365-day money back guarantee. If you don’t have clear and beautiful  looking skin, then just return it for a no-questions asked refund. Not  many products offer anything over a 30 day guarantee, so Exposed Skin  Care definitely earns our respect in this regard.

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Price of Exposed Skincare

Exposed actually has a  fair price. You can choose from two packages, both for a two month supply. The  first package – 5 Piece Basic Kit is  worth $49.95 and it contains the cleanser,  tonic, 2 serums (day and  night). You also get a bonus Derm-X Cloth and a free  online membership to their skin care website.

The second package – 6 Piece  Basic Kit is worth $59.95. You’ll have  what the former kit offers but you’ll  get two additional items – the Moisturizer Complex and Clarifying Mask.

Why Should You Give Exposed A Try?

  • Company guarantees clear skin in just 30 days and offers money back guarantee (365 days)
  • Treats 4 main causes of acne, and prevents it from coming back
  • Doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that can cause redness or inflammation
  • Created by dermatologists, and backed by clinical evidence
  • Contains natural ingredients that soothe the skin and improve complexion

Exposed Review Conclusion

With all things considered, Exposed Acne System is a very  good choice for treating all forms of acne including mild, moderate, and  severe.  It’s also gentle enough for all skin types including oily and  sensitive skin. The company offers a fair price for their product, and  you won’t find any other product with a full 1-year money back  guarantee.


Best Nutrition For Acne Issues

Good nutrition has often been said to improveacne, while bad nutrition equally causing acne to worsen. It is important to familiarize yourself with good dieting, to prevent flare-ups of acne, and to maintain a good complexion.

First, it should be noted that acne is not necessarily caused by junk food like chips or chocolate. However, an excess of sugars and oils will effectively raise the problematic acne situation. This is true for nuts, peanut butter, and other types of ‘nutty’ foods that are generally nutrition for you, but high in oil.

Milk products have been widely known to increase acne. Milk can be a vital source of nutrients and vitamins, but also gives you hormones found in cow’s milk- that will effectively give your face a hard time. This applies to all types of milk, ice cream, cream cheese, and any dairy product in general.

You should increase the intake of foods such as fish, and organic vegetables. If fish isn’t directly available to you, you should consider taking a fish oil supplement. The extra help from fish and organic vegetables has made much difference in many people who use nutrition as a means of combating acne.

Water intake should be increased as well, as it hydrates the body, keeps the skin healthy, and will flush out impurities from your system. You should try and drink 8 glasses a day, if not more. It is more important than you might think.

Many times, you will notice that you breakout after eating certain foods. This is a trial and error process- it may take awhile to find all the foods that cause you to breakout. It can be anything from chicken to fruit- you will have to take note of what you ate specifically to find any certain link between food and acne.

There are certain vitamins that can be of great benefit to you- mainly vitamin A, which will help you greatly. Things such as riboflavin also help out, and should be included in your diet. Some have reported an increase in acne after taking vitamin E, but this has yet to be proven. To be safe, you may want to limit your vitamin E supply.

Nutrition is a very important part of acne prevention- so make sure you take it to heart. Poor nutrition can result in a very fast case of bad acne- as science has seen again and again. Sometimes, acne is beyond the control of nutrition- but more often than not, it can be the determining force between great complexion, and a not-so-great complexion.


The Best Skin Care Products – Including Meladerm Skin Bleaching Cream

Everyone has had to deal with hyperpigmentation, acne and dark spots at one point in their lives, and they can be pesky to remove. Being one of the best skin care products, Meladerm stands head and shoulders above the competition with a unique blend of ingredients targeting different causes of the dermal issues.

Meladerm Bleaching Cream Ingredients

What makes Meladerm one the best skin care products are the natural skin lightening ingredients incorporated in Meladerm that place the cream as one of the best natural skin lightening treatments on the market today. Many of the ingredients such as Mulberry, Licorice, Bearberry, and Lemon Juice are naturally derived extracts lowering anxiety of the users for lathering the cream across the body.

In total, there are over ten active ingredients within Meladerm Civant’s skin care product; comparing that to some of the competitor’s style of skin creams, Meladerm is ahead of the competition, and is one of few topical creams that is recommended by health professionals for a variety of different uses making it one of the best skin care products there is.

What Is Meladerm Cream Used For?

Meladerm proves to be one of the best skin care products by the array of uses it offers to the users. Generally, Meladerm skin whitening is used for the hyper pigmented skin anywhere on the body. Whether those are formed by Age, acne, tan or a birthmark, Civant has created a safe natura skin lightening cream that will erase those unwanted marks.

How Does Meladem Work?

meladermDeep within the skin particles, on a microscopic level there are melanosomes that can be attributed to many of the dark spots. Scientists have discovered that the more active melanosomes occur within the dark spots on the skin.

Meladerm has a specialized blend of the active ingredients to slow down the enzymatic process of the melanosomes. While similar skin creams attempt to correct the minor imbalance, Meladerm  targets the abnormality in multiple ways, ensuring a greater chance of desired results.

With these great effects, there are also side effects that many customers become weary of when looking through different products. The only issue with Meladerm skin lightening cream is the lack of a sun protection factor. If one is going to use the product, they will also need to apply sunblock before being outside under the attack of the sun.

Civant  has truly created one of the best skin care products on the market today. The competitors may have sustainable products, but Meladerm has proven be the best skin care products that attacks the skin issues on more fronts that any other skin cream. Civant has gone above and beyond not only the active ingredients, but the care of manufacturing to ensure the best skin care product and a high quality product.

Air and light are factors in manufacturing the Meladerm cream and if there is a miscalculation, the cream can quickly lose its ability. If one follows the usage and storage instructions however, the product will work exactly as it is designed. An extra incentive, if one was even needed, is that after the dark spot has been removed, the spot has been erased. There will be no need to reapply in a few months to keep the spot away; leaving a Meladerm whitening cream that is among the best skin care products on the market.

Where To Buy Meladerm?

We recommond tu purchase Meladerm bleaching cream on th Civant’s official website.


Aromatherapy: What It Can Do And What It Can’t

The use of aromatic oils as healing agents has been around for much of recorded history, but the term aromatherapy was first coined in the 1920s by René Maurice Gattefosse.

Gattefosse was a French chemist who became interested in the healing properties of essential oils after his arm caught fire in his perfume factory and he extinguished it in a vat of lavender oil. He noticed that the pain subsided and the wound healed quickly with no scarring. Ever since, there have been claims – some substantiated, but many not – of healing and therapeutic uses for a variety of distilled plant oils.

Aromatherapy 101

Depending on where you live in the world, aromatherapy is either seen as a valid branch of medicine or as a pseudo-science. In

France, for instance, some essential oils are regulated as prescription drugs and doctors use them in a variety of applications as antiseptics and anti-inflammatories. However, in the

United States, for example, the lack of substantial scientific studies leads many in the medical community to dismiss aromatherapy as a viable treatment option.

Essential oils and other aromatherapy compounds work in a few different ways. The scent alone – whether form incense or heating the oils – activates the limbic system and emotional centers of the brain. When these oils are applied to the skin – most commonly as massage oils – they can activate thermal receptors and kill microbes and fungi. French doctors use this application regularly by applying various essential oils to Petri dish cultures of patient infections to see which oils slow the spread of the infection the best.

Popular Applications

  • Basil is used to sharpen concentration, to help treat depression, and to relieve headaches and migraines.
  • Bergamot, the flavor you taste in Earl Grey tea, may be beneficial to both the urinary tract and the digestive tract. It is useful for skin conditions linked to stress, such as cold sores and chicken pox, especially when combined with eucalyptus oil.
  • Black pepper can be used to stimulate circulation and to treat muscular aches and pains. When applied to the skin, it can be a useful treatment for bruises.
  • Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil) can be used as a topical antimicrobial and as an antiseptic and disinfectant.
  • Clove oil can be used as a topical analgesic especially useful in dentistry as well as an antiseptic.
  • Lavender oil can be used as an antiseptic, to soothe minor cuts and burns, to calm and relax, and to soothe headaches and migraines.
  • Yarrow oil is used to reduce joint inflammation and relieve cold and influenza symptoms.
  • Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang oil are used as aphrodisiacs.

What The Critics Are Saying

In general, medical professionals in the U.S.A. and England concede that although pleasant-smelling oils can be relaxing and have therapeutic properties like lowering stress, the lack of scientific study and hard evidence makes it impossible to estimate the effectiveness of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy supporters are quick to point out that since essential oils cannot be patented and most medical research is funded in some way through pharmaceutical companies, there is little or no interest, let alone funding, to study these natural remedies.

Conspiracy theories aside, one very valid point that many detractors bring up is that some patients may be enticed to try aromatherapy alternatives in place of proven medical procedures or medications.

Is Aromatherapy For You?

Depending on your ailment, aromatherapy might be just what the doctor ordered. For mental applications such as stress reduction and alertness, many people swear by it. For more serious medical conditions, talk it over with your doctor first.



A Surfer’s Guide To Skincare

You get up early. The sun meets you at the beach. You spend hours every day soaking in the saltwater and soaking up the rays. In some ways, you’re doing your skin a great service. In other ways, well… there’s room for improvement.

What’s Good

If you’re going to soak in something for hours on end, saltwater is a good choice. Since Biblical times, people have flocked to the

Dead Sea to soak in the saltwater and they still do today. Of course, the salinity of normal ocean water is less than that of the

Dead Sea, it still carries many of the same properties. For instance, saltwater is a natural exfoliant and, as such, it can help smooth and tone your skin. It can also help speed the healing process of any blemishes.

There are trace nutrients present in saltwater as well as seaweed. And while people pay good money for seaweed extract over the counter, you can get it for free (of course you have to extract it from your hair from time to time). Now whether the kelp in your hair or those small amounts of nutrients are helping or not is a question that has not been adequately answered. But some of the most radiant skin we’ve seen is on older surfers. Is it a natural phenomenon or do they just take better care of their skin than most people? We may never know, but our money is on it being a little bit of both.

What’s Not Good

Of course no matter how much seaweed you rub into your pores, the sun is beating down on you from above and up on you from the water. And the sun is bad (for unprotected skin anyway). If you’ve surfed for any length of time, you know the danger of the all-over sunburn you can get form the sun’s reflection off the surface of the water.

And just like there are good things floating around in the water, there are also bad things – everything from petroleum products (that tar that you know all too well) to all kinds of waste from passing ships. You’ve seen what washes up on the shore. And you know that in order to get to the beach it had to go past you (remember: no fear).

What You Can Do About It

Get a good sunscreen (SPF 30+). Of course it will need to be waterproof and sweat-proof (they are not necessarily the same thing – some hold up better than others). Also look for a tube with a built-in applicator. Some manufacturers make them with a sponge-type applicator so that you can apply the sunscreen without ever touching it with your hands. If you’ve ever had a hand slip off your board at an inopportune time, you know the value of this feature.

Wear a wet suit. The more skin you cover, the less can get burned – and the less you have to worry about keeping adequately slathered in sunscreen.

Even though you are soaking in water all morning, remember that water itself can break down the natural moisture barrier you have on your skin. So ironically, being in the water can have the bizarre (but measurable) effect of drying out your skin. Add to that the overall drying properties of the sun and your skin is going to be ready for a moisturizer when you get out of that shower. And whether it’s a hot shower before you go to the office or a cold shower right there on the beach, have a good quality moisturizer ready to apply after you towel off

And don’t forget your feet! They take a beating every morning. Pamper them a little with a nice hydrating foot crème – or better yet, a periodic pedicure. A little professional help form time to time will make your own personal routine maintenance that much easier.